Your current position:  Recruitment
  • One Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)

    Job content:
    1,  Responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the raw materials supplied  by the suppliers, and promptly ask the suppliers for improvement due to  the problems caused by the defects in the quality of the materials  supplied by the suppliers;
    2, Responsible for tracking  and verifying supplier's improvement report and implementation effect,  if necessary, conduct on-site audit and inspection and counseling
    3,  Responsible for formulating inspection norms and inspection plans of  incoming inspection department, and training and inspecting inspectors  in due time;
    4, Participate in the supplier's initial sample assessment release work;
    5,  monthly or quarterly, the quality status of existing suppliers to  conduct a statistical score, the lower the rated suppliers to improve  the deadline for the request;
    6, Participate in the  development and review of new suppliers, and scoring new suppliers  together with purchasing and R & D departments.
    job requirements:
    1, college education, aged 26-40 years old, able to travel;
    2, 4 years experience in quality management of injection molding appearance parts;
    3, good communication skills.
    Treatment: a monthly salary of 6-8K, a year-end bonus; insured in Hangzhou five insurance, given meal, house fill, poor fill

  • Ten trainees

    Job content:
    1, polymers, materials molding, printing, machinery, molds professional bachelor degree graduates;
    2, Requires English Level 4 and above, proficient use of office software and related professional software;
    3, have a certain ability to perform, be able to obey the company arrangements to mobilize;
    4, have good communication skills, honesty, responsibility and certain resilience;
    5, Party members, get scholarships, as a cadre of classes or participating students and other societies priority.
    Note: Reserve incubation period of 6 months; need to start from the grassroots level.
    Salary:  Undergraduate starting salary 4-6K; according to the training of  probationary conditions may be given a floating salary increase.

  • Two senior coating engineers

    job requirements:
    1, college education, gender, integrity, responsibility, enterprising;
    2,  proficient in evaporation of optical coating equipment and magnetron  sputtering coating equipment, evaporation of optical plating, decorative  plating with senior experience and technology;
    3,  proficiency in the operation and design of membrane system software,  according to product and customer requirements related to the design of  the membrane system and technology;
    4, Cooperate with the product development department to carry out product R & D trial production;
    Treatment:  monthly salary of 7-12K, a year-end awards and project awards, insured  in Hangzhou five insurance, given meals, housing make up.

  • Two project engineers

    Job content:
    1, responsible for new product development and import volume production;
    2, Responsible for communication and coordination with customers to  ensure that the information such as technical quality of new products is  accurately understood and collected, and the changes are promptly and  accurately communicated to the project team members;
    3, to guide and supervise the project team members to ensure that the  project around the goal of efficient work, and the project team members  project performance appraisal to motivate members of the work initiative  and enthusiasm;
    4, responsible for new product development and planning, a clear division of tasks, responsibilities;
    5, Actively cooperate with the team to develop product demand work,  can independently deal with the problems encountered in the product  development process to ensure that the project can progress smoothly in  accordance with the schedule.
    job requirements:
    1, college education, mechanical or mold or polymer and other related majors;
    2, Proficiency in 2D CAD software, UG / PROE and other 3D software;
    3, 4 years working experience in related fields
    4, experience in project management, mold design experience is preferred;
    5, PMP certified candidates priority;
    Salary treatment:
    A monthly salary of 6-12K, a year-end awards and project awards;  Hangzhou Social Security five insurance, given meals, housing  supplement; conditions are good, can hold the company's internal equity.
    company background:
    Since  Dec. 2012, the company has focused on the exterior decoration. The  company has plowed the domestic first-class mobile phone brands. At  present, the main revenue comes from the contribution of the four major  technological types of IML, IMTL, glass fiber bonding and 3D  thermoforming.