Huawei glory 6 won the most talked about mobile phone science and technology award
Column:Industry News Time:2015-02-09
Sina Technology News February 8 afternoon news, Sina science and technology "Billboard 2014" awards ceremony held in Beijing this afternoon, many industry leaders share the same technology industry.

Among them, Huawei Glory 6 won the Sina Technology Billiton 2014 - the  most watched Mobile Phone Award of the year, and China Unicom's vice  director of press and propaganda Fu Yuhui presented Huawei Honor  representatives at the scene.

The following is the billboard for HUAWEI glory 6 Awards:

Inspired fuselage rear cover to bring a sense of thoughtful hold,  powerful hardware configuration and user-friendly interface are worthy  of honor.

About SINA Technology 2014 Billboard:

2014  is the year of integration of technology industry and traditional  industries. The Internet industry gives unlimited opportunities for all  walks of life, including traditional industries, to take the initiative  to reform and self-rebuild. Not only has there been numerous innumerable  startup companies, but also large companies are actively seeking change. As  observers, recorders and disseminators, SINA conducted a comprehensive  inventory and sorting of science and technology fields in this year and  started the three main lines of science and technology enterprises,  leaders in science and technology industry and technological innovation  products, embodying the concepts of "science and technology change life"  and "people-oriented science and technology" And "science and technology across boundaries."

The billboard selection event was opened on December 19, 2014 and ended on January 9, 2015. The  selection of users voting and expert assessment of each 50% of the way,  selected in 2014 the most highly respected users of science and  technology figure, the most concerned about the outstanding companies  and high-quality terminal products. Winners will be announced on the day of the ceremony.