18/5000 Congratulations to my new company on the new website!
Column:Company News Time:2018-01-23
Zhejiang Decotec Technology Co., Ltd. new website on 2018-1-23 online!

In order to meet the needs of the company's development,  establish a company's image to meet customers through the network to  understand the company's products, to provide customers with a better  online service, Zhejiang Siu Yi Technology Co., Ltd. a new site on  2018-1- 23 online!
       Website with a new design concept, convenient and intuitive  service to our customers, sincerely hope you visit, so that Zhejiang Siu  Yi Technology Co., Ltd. become our mutual understanding, friendship and  cooperation to strengthen the bridge and link.
       While  focusing on products, the website has improved its news and  information, company overview and technology demonstration modules. The  company's new website updated the product display and industry trends,  research and development strength, qualification certificates and other  modules. In  the home page to increase the partner display, technology demonstration  module focuses on the company's technology-related technology features  and process description of the process more clearly, at the same time  different technology categories corresponding to provide different  products; news module we will not regular My company released the latest business news, industry share the latest information. Contact us The module not only provides company related contact  information, but also has an online map for easy inquiry, as well as a  customer message module to facilitate better communication between the  customer and the company.
    Here,  we must thank all friends for their support, in the days to come, we  hope that better product quality and faster and better quality service  to our customers back to our support and love. For more details, please contact with me, we also look forward to all the friends!
    Siu Yi technology and all the friends dedicated cooperation and seek common development for a better tomorrow!